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Wallpaper Removal

Window Treatments

Painting/Installing Cabinets

Driveway/Lanai Painting


Other services available by request

A Little investment can make a "BIG" difference!

The main focus of First Impression Renovation is to help enhance the look of a home for people who would like to sell their homes.  The key to selling at a good price is to pass the First Impression test!  It only takes literally seconds for a person to implant an impression in one's mind as to whether they would even like to view the inside of a Seller's home.  Therefore, the landscaping and exterior of the home are the first things that makes up a Buyer's mind as to whether they would like to see the inside of the home.  Spending only a minimal amount on Sprucing up the home can make more of a profit in the end.  The home may just need Pressure-Washing, a fresh coat of paint, or a little refurbishing.  You can see some before and after pictures in the link up above. 

Then once we get the Buyer inside we need to make sure the same is true in order to get the price the Seller is hoping for.  Once a Buyer sees many items that need to be updated the price will continue to go down.  Addressing the issues prior to listing will definitely help your pocketbook! 

The First ImpressionCounts! 

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